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Anonymouslyabducted by damina Anonymouslyabducted :icondamina:damina 6 3 Createspacecover by damina Createspacecover :icondamina:damina 0 0 Untitled Drawing by damina Untitled Drawing :icondamina:damina 6 4
The Beginning was the End
I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl,
her head fit into the palm of my hand
and her tiny fingers could curl around
my fingertip; they would never curl
on their own, never would her synapses
fire directions to her extremities.
She will never feel pain, anger, resentment,
fear. Never know the touch of love, the ache
of heartbreak, the joy of family. She will
never taste exotic foods or travel to enchantment.
Nightmares will never plague her dreams and
dreams will never invade her everlasting sleep.
Weeks of love and longing, of hope and light
were dashed upon the broken rocks of fickle
chance that took her from my arms and carried
her away from me forever. She never drew a breath,
never shed a tear, never learned to speak.
She never lived outside the womb. But--
I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.
:icondamina:damina 6 11
New Dev ID by damina New Dev ID :icondamina:damina 2 4
Still Gone
You live above the TV, high
on the shelf where you watch
a family you'll never get to truly
know from your perch inside that
cold, pink-metal resting place.
When I look your way, I wonder--
do our gazes lock? Do we share the
same insurmountable look of sadness from
wishes that will never be, dreams never
realized, may-have-beens never being?
Do we both pray for the past to
become a nightmare, to waken
one morning and find that we're
together again?
:icondamina:damina 8 12
Muro Doodle by damina Muro Doodle :icondamina:damina 5 3
Mature content
Orgasmic Achievement :icondamina:damina 5 15
Umatilla National Forest by damina Umatilla National Forest :icondamina:damina 4 6
Inner Madness
Screaming inside my mind [does no good]
The banshee of my braincells
finds no comfort in the silence [inside]
:icondamina:damina 4 4
Chalkboard Dreams
the sun in her hair
is no longer there and
the sparkles are gone
her eyes are an opaque and
dusty chalkboard recently erased
the shape of her words invisible
she grasps at the lost ideas
sometimes sees the shape of letters
but is blind to their meaning
she traces the memories with a finger
drawing shapes in the aimless air but
forgets them as they dissolve
once there were moments of
lucidity of blissful awareness and
understanding would crash upon her
she would realize for those brief
timeless minutes that her mind was
a dry erase board and the lessons of
her life were done
she would cry at
the unfairness and misery
the loneliness of her condition
minutes later she would happily
trace her shapes in the air and
smile at the nothing she perceived
:icondamina:damina 6 6
Master by damina Master :icondamina:damina 4 17
Love Undying
Moths flitted about the thin light that fought its way through the opaque glass; the inside of the light bulb was dusty white, and though it was years old, it still managed to shine through the dark of night. It keeps me company, as I stand on the widow's walk and look out to sea, waiting, as ever, for my love to return. The ship had sailed upon the morning tide more than a hundred years ago; still I wait. I made him a promise, and I meant to keep it. "I'll wait for you." I'd whispered into the crook of his neck as he held me close, that last night we had together. "Until you return, I swear by the Gods, I shall wait for you."
He cupped my face with a massive hand; it was granite-hard and rough, but his touches were always soft. He'd told me once that he was afraid to touch me: his rough fingers would brush too hard and break the tender skin. "Like a child who has caught a butterfly," he'd whispered, "I will ruin the beauty of your wings, and you will never fly again." That final morni
:icondamina:damina 9 8
No Words
There are no words in English
to describe the color of skin
fighting for oxygen, for bloodless
limbs. The words give images, but
no one person's image matches another's
They shared a dark-death moment of
fear and terror and heartbreak.
There are no words in English
to describe the pain that bursts
through my heart (soul?) when your anger
pours into me, ruthless and selfish.
Broken, shattered, torn asunder--
these words fail to capture what
truly happens inside.
And now, whenever my eyes are closed
I see the bloodless limbs, feel the frantic
heart--beating, beating, beating--
fighting against the cruel onslaught of
death. My emotions are in turmoil still,
yet that word (turmoil) lacks also.
This tempest raging inside--a hurricane, a
tornado, a tsunami of pain and fear.
And your anger is like an arrow cast, aimed
to erode, to maim, to torture, to slowly destroy.
It's the debris in the winds, tearing holes.
There are no words in English for these.
There are no words in English.
:icondamina:damina 7 7
Nearly Gone
You stopped breathing; I died inside.
:icondamina:damina 16 4
Mature content
Untitled or The Poet's Vagina :icondamina:damina 5 13
These are my newest deviations. I guess that's why it's called, "Newest Deviations" on the header. Crazy!


Basic Character Sheet
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Additional Notes
:iconmirintala:Mirintala 984 121
Retro Vintage Text Effect No.11 by IndieGround Retro Vintage Text Effect No.11 :iconindieground:IndieGround 67 0
Still Waiting...
Yes. I know. We're all still waiting on #trivia. What happened?
So originally for some reason Thumbbot decided to add 45 misses to every single question. So it was bugging out for some reason, and while I have my theories, I can't prove anything because I don't know enough bot code. Miloticscale tried to get ahold of the person who could fix thumbbot, but got ignored. It bugged me, but it wasn't breaking the game, so it kept on playing.
But then it got worse and only asked questions that had less than 10 hits/the questions that were ridiculously hard.  We(I tired, milotic tried, a Thumbsshare staffer tried) still got no response from the one and only person who could fix the bot or let us have access to the bot to fix it, but decided to stop the bot for a bit until it could stop only asking the low hit, hard questions.
And then the person who had Thumbbot took it offline and went offline and nobody has been able to get a hold of him since then. That's what happened to thumbbot. We
:icondoodleplex:doodleplex 1 30
Kingdom in the Clouds, pt 1 by ChainBound Kingdom in the Clouds, pt 1 :iconchainbound:ChainBound 1,149 526 Stock 032. by enchanted-stock Stock 032. :iconenchanted-stock:enchanted-stock 6,805 2,562 Affected Galaxy Background by Lythronax Affected Galaxy Background :iconlythronax:Lythronax 998 53 Beauty Headshot by mockingbird-girl Beauty Headshot :iconmockingbird-girl:mockingbird-girl 255 98 Does it fit? by DoncellaSuicide Does it fit? :icondoncellasuicide:DoncellaSuicide 475 187 Black Cat Clinging Earrings by KittyAzura Black Cat Clinging Earrings :iconkittyazura:KittyAzura 18,592 1,782 Autumn Glory by lucid-light Autumn Glory :iconlucid-light:lucid-light 1,958 257 Unrequited by secret-fantasy Unrequited :iconsecret-fantasy:secret-fantasy 525 29 Drifting on a sad song by Aegis-Illustration
Mature content
Drifting on a sad song :iconaegis-illustration:Aegis-Illustration 1,198 204
Azog the Defiler by kerembeyit Azog the Defiler :iconkerembeyit:kerembeyit 2,764 138 Call of the Forsaken by kerembeyit Call of the Forsaken :iconkerembeyit:kerembeyit 2,687 66 Premade Background 3 by Dark-Yarrow Premade Background 3 :icondark-yarrow:Dark-Yarrow 1,326 608 Dark Alleyways by mjranum-stock
Mature content
Dark Alleyways :iconmjranum-stock:mjranum-stock 513 54
These are the things I have recently favorited. I do not randomize this, because it's a way to feature my new favorites without going through the hassle of posting a new blog.


Seasonscape by alexiuss Seasonscape :iconalexiuss:alexiuss 75,698 8,434 Stone of Farewell Cover by kerembeyit Stone of Farewell Cover :iconkerembeyit:kerembeyit 3,195 171 Grammar Natzee by dinyctis Grammar Natzee :icondinyctis:dinyctis 9,513 2,751 DOWN THE RIVER AREND by tigaer DOWN THE RIVER AREND :icontigaer:tigaer 1,031 169 Enchanted Fairies Calendar by cosmosue Enchanted Fairies Calendar :iconcosmosue:cosmosue 409 52 Wallpaper All mine... by hoschie Wallpaper All mine... :iconhoschie:hoschie 4,969 1,255 Endlessly Loving by ThaKillah Endlessly Loving :iconthakillah:ThaKillah 40 30 green by ssilence green :iconssilence:ssilence 2,312 488
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Dawn Olmo
Artist | Professional | Literature
United States
I am a technical communicator who is currently in search of work. I can edit anything. I have a Master of Arts degree, and experience in editing and writing grants, essays, resumes, websites, articles, poetry, prose, instructions, and teaching materials.

I dream in vivid detail-lately about zombies. Love isn't just a dream, it's a reality.

Follow the guidelines here: dailylitdeviations.deviantart.… to submit a poem or prose to DailyLitDeviations

Current Residence: Washington State
Print preference: Any
Favourite style of art: photomanipulation, visual poems



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